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Posted on Jan 17, 2011 in CNA Training

As we all know the costs of pretty much everything keep going up, but our incomes are not keeping pace. No where is this more true than when it comes to the cost of an education. If you want to become a nurse to help people as well as to have as recession proof income as possible, than take heart, there are many available, you just have to find them.

For most people, the days of working part time and paying for your education are over. Today the people who are going to school are often older, downsized adults how have families to support. There is precious little wiggle room in most budgets and when you consider not only the cost of tuition but the cost of textbooks, miscellaneous course fees and even travel expenses, many people simply would not be able to afford it.

Many of the available government nursing scholarships will pay for all of your education, others will only cover a portion of your needs. Either way, the help can make the difference between being able to go back to school or not.

The U.S. governments Health Resources And Services Administration (HRSA) Program can provide assistance to full time undergraduate nursing students. To qualify for this program you must come from a low income background. This program was developed to help students return to school to become nurses, this was designed to help alleviate the nursing shortage that has become an issue.

In order to receive this funding you must agree to work for a minimum of two years as a registered nurse in specific types of facilities. This program offers complete scholarship assistance that will cover the cost of tuition, course fees, textbooks, clinical supplies, lab fees as well as a monthly living stipend.

To qualify you must have your application in by April (this is done yearly, so April of the year you want to attend school). To be eligible you must be a United States citizen and enrolled in a registered nurse program. The program accepts only 500 applicants yearly. To increase your chances of acceptance, get your application in early and make sure it is filled out completely and with all the detail required.

Another option is the Past Presidents Parley Nursing Scholarship program. To qualify for this scholarship program you must be directly related (wife, husband, child) of a veteran of any past or current wars. The two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf. You must either already be enrolled in, or entering into, an accredited nursing program in California. You must study to become either a Licensed Vocational Nurse or a Registered Nurse. This scholarship program will pay up to $2,000 in education assistance.

For anyone interested in a nursing career in the critical care field, the American Association of Critical care Nurses Grants and Scholarships may be just the ticket. The AACN awards scholarships up to $1500 to eligible applicants. You must be a member of the AACN to be considered and must either be entering into or already enrolled in a nursing course at an accredited university.

I’m sure that if you spent some time cruising the internet you would find even more choices. Just carefully read all the requirements and make sure you fill out all the information required to increase your odds of receiving any government nursing scholarships.

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