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Posted on Sep 20, 2010 in CNA Training

have a very important role in the medical world. There is a very demanding need for nurses nationwide. When one becomes a Certified Nursing Assistant they can be employed by numerous medical facilities. These include medical offices, hospitals, as well as nursing homes. A CNA typically is supervised by an LPN or a Physician. When you work as a CNA, you can feel happiness knowing that your goal is to help others who are less fortunate than yourself.

Certified Nursing Assistants have numerous responsibilities that are mandatory while on the job. Ambulatory care is essential because several patients are confined to a wheel chair. will qualify the nurses to appropriately aid a patient that is disabled. At times a patient may not be physically powerful enough to get around in their wheel chair or their walker.

At meal time a CNA will assist their patients. Frequently a CNA serves their food, helps the patient cut it up, and feeds the patient if needed. Monitoring the patient while they eat is one of the many responsibilities of a CNA. This is important to help the dependent patient avoid choking. Furthermore, after the patient eats, the CNA will clean the patient up properly and bathe them if needed.

Hygiene of a patient is another important responsibility of a CNA. If the patient desires their sheets changed or cleaned the CNA will see that this is done. Additionally, a CNA is responsible for bathing their patients that are unable to do this on their own. Also, dressing the patient, helping them brush teeth or dentures, as well as assisting them to the restroom are other daily duties.

A CNA will also check vital signs of their patient including heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature. If there are any concerns this must be reported to the charge nurse right away. A CNA can also simply assist the patient by talking with them, comforting them, or just keeping them company so they do not feel lonely. As a CNA, one may also become close with the family of the patient and keep them updated on progress of their loved one.

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first have a high school diploma or GED. Then you should attend a college that offers CNA training. After training it is required that you are able to pass and examination to prove that you have what it takes for the job. Some of the training involved may be on general patient care, heavy lifting, disease, blood borne illness, nutrition, as well as ambulatory care.

CNA jobs pay around $8 to $10 dollars per hour simply starting out. The wages tend to vary by state, as well as location. For example, if you work in a fast paced facility it is more likely that you will be paid better than a small clinic. Long term CNA’s can average around $15 per hour.

After CNA training is finished, you must become certified. Certification proves to the medical employers that you are competent to complete the required tasks to perform your duties correctly. You cannot become certified until you have passed a written examination that will include many types of questions relating to what you have learned… Your certification is usually good for a period of five years; at the end of this time, you must renew your certification.

takes a lot for a person both physically and emotionally. It is necessary that you have explored your options in the field to make sure that this is the type of career you want to become devoted to. There are many duties and tasks associated with this position. When you decide to become a CNA, you should take pleasure knowing that while you are at work, you are a strong and motivated individual who desires helping people in need. CNA’s must possess the strong quality of compassion as well as patience. A Nurse Assistant plays a very significant role in the medical field.

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