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Posted on Sep 20, 2010 in CNA Certification, CNA Training

Are you interested in pursuing your certification as a certified nursing assistant online? There are currently many online certified nursing assistant (CNA) classes available through the internet, but the savvy consumer does not sign-up for just any certification program. Instead, because each state has different CNA requirements, you are best advised to choose wisely when it comes to online .

State Requirements

First, look into programs that will lead to in your specific state. It does you no good to be spending time contemplating a program from Washington when you live in California — unless, of course, you are planning on moving to Washington in the near future.


Next, you need to look into online programs that are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission. The fact that the courses are accredited means that they will transfer to other programs, which is essential if you are considering going further along your educational path.


The online CNA courses you will be required to take will be the same as those you would take if you chose to go to a physical training school. These courses will prepare you to care for patients in a hospital, nursing home, or clinic environment. You will be providing hands-on care for the patients, through monitoring medical equipment, taking patient vital signs, and helping nurses in their duties.

The courses that you take in order to achieve your CNA certification include:

  1. Basic anatomy and physiology
  2. Basic nursing skills
  3. Disease prevention
  4. Infection control
  5. Nutrition.

The particulars of each class will be set by the state in which you are studying.


Different online CNA classes will have a variety of schedules. Some will allow you to complete assignments on your own schedule, meaning you can study and work at your own speed. Other classes will have more stringent requirements, such as the student needing to regularly check-in with the course advisers who are monitoring their progress.

Working to become a certified nursing assistant online is an excellent method for pursuing your CNA verification. There are currently many online CNA courses and classes available. Be sure to find a program that meets the CNA certification requirements of your state and that is fully accredited. Going to school for your CNA certification is an excellent investment in your time and your future. Take time to explore the different CNA classes available.

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